Policy Statement

1. Acknowledgement

Upon enrolment, The English Academics assumes that the customer has read, understood and agreed to the company’s policies. (“We” and “us” hereafter refers to The English Academics)

2. Payment

2.1. Classes are non-transferable and fees paid are non-refundable. If the payment is settled after the deadline, we will offer other available timings.

2.2. Fees for the next month must be settled on or before the last class of the month to secure your child’s place. E.g. If the child’s last class in August is on 29th August (Wednesday), September fees must be settled on or before this day.

2.3. We will only acknowledge payments via the following methods:



Tel: 6217 2680



Tel: 6217 2680


Bank Transfer

Bank name: DBS

Account name: The English Academics 

Account number: 000525271

Cheques are not accepted.

2.4. Full fees must be settled before commencement of all classes. We reserve the right to deny the student access to class if the full fees have not been settled.

2.5. All places are given on a confirmation-by-payment policy. We do not accept confirmation of places by any other means. If no payment is received by the due date, it will be assumed the place has been given up. We reserve the right to release the place without prior notice.

2.6. All places, including make-up classes, are given on a first-come-first-served basis.


2.7. We will only acknowledge the payment with proof of receipt and it must be given by the due date. Any receipts sent after the due date will not be accepted irrespective of the transaction time. We will not acknowledge the payment if no receipt is given.

3. Sick Leaves

3.1. If your child takes a sick leave, a doctor’s note must be presented in order to reschedule the class. Any holistic treatments must require proof of purchase. We reserve the right to deny make-up classes if a doctor’s note or proof of purchase for holistic treatments is not presented.

4. Class Arrangements


4.1. We must be notified of any class changes or cancellations at least 24 hours before the scheduled class. The class will be considered as taken for no shows or if late notification is given. No make-up classes will be arranged.

4.2. We will not make up for any late arrivals to classes.

4.3. With the exception of private class, your child will only work on materials that are provided by us. Any special requirements (e.g. homework, research assignments) will be considered as a private class and shall be charged at the private rate of HKD 800/hour.


4.4. For private class arrangements, the customer is responsible for notifying us at least 48 hours before the scheduled time if there are any specific requirements. We reserve the right to deny any late requests. 

4.5. Teachers are assigned to classes at the discretion of The English Academics. This is subject to course content and teacher availability. We reserve the right to assign a suitable or a substitute teacher to the class without prior notice.

4.6. We reserve the right to not disclose the number of students in the group class. The maximum for each class is 4.

5. Make-up Arrangements


5.1. All classes that have been paid for must be cleared within six weeks from the date of the first class. Otherwise, the classes will be forfeited. Any missed classes must be made up, or will be charged otherwise.


5.2. All missed classes must be made up and cannot be carried forward to the following month.

5.3. We are not responsible for make-up class reminders. Once the timings are given, it is up to the customer to confirm the timings.

5.4. Make-up classes will only be arranged if there is a minimum of two students in the class.

5.5. Make-up classes can only be rescheduled twice. If your child is unavailable after the second arrangement, no further make-up classes will be arranged. The class will still be charged.

5.6. We cannot guarantee that topics in the make-up class will be suitable for your child and if the lesson missed was a writing class, the make-up class could be grammar and vice versa. We strongly recommend that students keep the same time slots and that they do not take unnecessary leaves to avoid joining a class that your child has already done or may have already started a new topic.

5.7. All class timings offered are final. Any requested make-up class timings outside of the offered times will be considered as a private class, and will be charged accordingly at HKD 800/hour.

6. Integrity

6.1. Approaching our teachers for private contact numbers or for private classes is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to take appropriate actions.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. In case of disputes, we reserve the right of final decisions and to make changes to policies without prior notice.

© 2020 by The English Academics

The English Academics reserves the right of final decision

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