Get it right from the start. 

Phonics is the basis for everything. Once the phonics skills are acquired, your child will be able to read, write, spell and speak. Be ahead of everyone else by getting it right from the start.


Your child will learn:

  • The vowel and consonant sounds, including blends and diagraphs.

  • How to combine sounds to pronounce words.

  • How to apply their phonics knowledge to their spelling.


Primary School

Be prepared, perform the best 

For your child to enter the desired school, making a good impression in an interview amongst the others is crucial. Learn all the important skills on this course, be confident and be a star among the batch. 


Your child will learn:

  • Communication Skills

  • Picture Description 

  • Logical Thinking Skills

  • Q & A 

A free mock interview will also be held to further improve your child's performance.


For effective communication

Grammar is a vital component. Without it, it is impossible to structure sentences to convey your intended meaning. Learn the basics from the start and get a strong foundation. 


Some of the topics include: 


  • Pronouns

  • Possessive Adjectives

  • Demonstrative Adjectives

  • Simple Present Tense

  • Verb To Be