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The English Academics

Founder of The English Academics - Joyce Ng

About The English Academics

Based in Hong Kong, The English Academics was established in 2017 with the mission of providing quality English language instruction to students of all ages and levels. At our centre, we offer a variety of English language courses designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Our lessons are interactive, engaging, and focused on building both language skills and confidence. With a focus on real-world application, our courses help students build the language skills they need to succeed in a globalised world.We believe that learning should be a fun and rewarding experience, and our team is dedicated to making that a reality for each and every one of our students. If you're a student looking to improve your grades, our centre will support your success.

About the Founder

Joyce Ng is the lead teacher and founder of The English Academics. With over a decade of experience as a qualified English teacher, Joyce has been helping students improve their language skills since 2011. She has a passion for teaching and a talent for making the English language accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages and levels. Under her guidance, the tutoring centre has become a trusted and respected resource to the community, offering comprehensive and personalised English instruction to students from all walks of life. With a commitment to excellence and a drive to help students reach their full potential, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our students.

Student Profile

We take pride in serving a diverse community of learners from various educational institutions across Hong Kong. Our students come from a wide array of schools, each with its unique culture and academic focus. This rich blend of backgrounds fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging students to share different perspectives and grow together.

Primary & Secondary
  • CIS
  • DBS
  • DBPD
  • DGS
  • DGJS
  • FIS
  • Good Hope
  • GSIS
  • Heep Yunn
  • HKIS
  • Island School
  • ISF Academy
  • KCIS
  • La Salle
  • Marymount
  • Nord Anglia
  • Raimondi
  • St. Paul's Co-Ed
  • St. Paul's Convent
  • St. Paul's Catholic
  • St. Paul's College
  • St. Stephen's
  • Quarry Bay
  • Ying Wa
  • CCKG
  • Keen Mind
  • Kentville
  • St. Catherine's
  • St. Paul's Nursery
  • St. Stephen's